More Screenings

Hiller Highlands Club House     October 21st

Doris Bergman arranged to have the film screened at the Hiller Highlands Club House on October 21st, where a large group gathered to commemorate the fire Anniversary. Hiller Highlands was ground zero for the firestorm and the entire neighborhood was burned to the ground on that dreadful day. I was concerned about showing the film there, thinking about how tough it would be to see that fire footage and relive it. But the group was a mix of old and new so the film achieved its purpose of bearing witness to disaster and informing those who had no idea about the extent of the devastation.

Claremont Club     October 28th

We had a marvelous event here in Berkeley in my neighborhood. Fifty people came.  We raised our glasses and  then gathered to see the film on a big screen. I want to thank Charles Ostrofe for initiating this screening.


WPAD Meeting on Skyline in Oakland   October 17

I am particularly excited to have shown the film to the members and friends of the citizen’s advisory committee of the Wildfire Prevention Assessment District, because they do so much to promote fire prevention in our East Bay fire-prone community. They do good work for all of us who live here. Please join me to thank them for giving so much of their time and energy to prevent another disaster in our midst. I have the tireless Barbara Goldenberg to thank for this connection.


Berkeley Chapter of BNI    evening, December 1

Prisciilla RIce arranged a gathering to screen the film to the “No Ordinary Chapter” of BNI, a networking business organization that meets locally. The group was particularly interested in the issues of insurance and how the restoration of 2 and 1/2 years affected business. Badly, of course!

The Art Guild of The Oakland Museum of California       December 1

This gathering was not a screening exactly (as the film is showing at the museum on Sunday afternoons all through the fall and into January 2012), but a wonderful gathering at the house with an introduction to the film, my books and photographic projects: a delightful afternoon with knowledgeable people who love the arts. Barbara Bream was the leader of the group and Curator of Photography, Drew Johnson was in attendance. The Guild had visited the studio of Richard Misrach in the morning to discuss his photography, especially the current show at the museum on the aftermath of the firestorm. I am sure that it was a fascinating contrast for the group to see  the work of two artists who had both produced work pertaining to that devastating fire.

To arrange a screening: If your organization, neighborhood group or school would like to have a screening, please call or email me:
Margaretta Mitchell (510-652-8609)