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“The film is beautifully done. You brought in so much drama. It was wonderful to see the neighbors helping and to learn about the early days of the house through the historical photographs. I did not know how much damage there really was, and how much had to be done to make the restoration so complete.”

Anthony Bruce, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association

“I just finished watching Fire Ruin Renewal and it is a fabulous recount of the Oakland Hill Fire.  It’s so well produced and comes together with great editing, sound, composition, music.  The footage you’ve secured, which I’ve never seen, is excellent and the story of your house and photos are perfect.

I really didn’t realize how hard you were hit and the work that had to be done. One could never tell by the way you home looks now.    Now, you should consider making more films!”

Foster Goldstrom, Chabot Canyon (Bernard Maybeck home owner)

Responses to the film

I am gathering the responses to the screening of “Fire Ruin Renewal” and will be posting them here with gratitude to those who have written me upon seeing it. Thank you.

“I watched the dvd this afternoon (a warm, dry autumn day….) and I found it wonderfully done. It’s touching and inspiring, and I learned a lot about your house that I couldn’t never have imagined. Not just the history but of course how incredibly complex it was for you and Frederick to rebuild it. I’m sure that, as awful as it may have been, it was doubtless easier for those who had lost their entire homes to just build something completely new. But the lovingly restored version of your original house is something we in the neighborhood can all be grateful for. I remember walking my dog by there and seeing the tarps and plastic sheeting covering it for months and months, but I never imagined how much work was going on underneath.

Thanks for the sensitive use of my music. I am delighted that you chose “Hallelujah Junction” for the ending. That’s one of my favorite pieces, and “Hallelujah!” is certainly the word that springs to everyone’s mind when they reach the end of watching your odyssey.”

John Adams, Composer


January 12, 2012

Happy New Year to everyone!

The film screenings start up again in February at a meeting of the Town and Gown Club on Monday the 27th at 2PM.

On March 16 and 17, the Berkeley Rotary Club will host the annual conference of the Rotarian Emergency Disaster Initiative. The focus of this sixth conference will include the many man made and natural disasters we face today. Fire Ruin Renewal will be shown as part of the program.

My Alma Mater, Smith College, will be the site of a screening in May as part of my class reunion. More on that as plans unfold.