The current list of donors

The following is a complete list of the donors to the production of the film “Fire Ruin Renewal “, starting with the initial funding from an Oakland Cultural Arts Grant in 2011.

Under the non-profit fiscal agent, The Institute For Historical Study, the film has received funding support from the following: The Berkeley Rotary Club, Mary Ann Helmholtz,   Meyer Sound, Sim Warkov, Anne Bell Robb, Pauli and Sandy Muir,                           Frances C.Taliaferro, Bennett F. Markel, Edward (Pete) Dowling, Dennis Dowling,            Linnea and Grier Graff, Patricia A. Dowling, Shirley and Michael Traynor,                 Elizabeth J. Bell, Ulricke and Michael Hanley, Sarah and Ivan Diamond,                            Bill and Marianna Goodheart,John Newell, Elizabeth Pigford,                                Margaretta Anne Mitchell,Suzanne Riess,Robert Rogers, Gregory Jurin, Bill Riess,         Carl Kohnert, Gloria Bowles, Alex & Judith Glass, Molly R-M. Fowler,                         Michael & Sandra Coleman, Ross Hutcheon, Barbara Hunt, Martha Baker,                   Michael & Janice Holland, Frank Silver, Chiuyit Lian, Sheila and Toby Schwartzburg,    Jessica & Michael Marlitt, Karl & Sue Bottigheimer, Tony Conte, Diane Olson,                  Russ Hutcheon, Caryn Gregg, Ed & Marsha Thayer, Carolyn Rising, Andrew Greenwood, Susan Parry, Linda & Douglas Dobson, Barbara Goldenberg, Trish & Tony Hawthorne, Susan Terris, Lynn Horowitz, Valerie and Richard Herr, Gloria Bowles, Bianca Blesching, Jim Aron, Richard Lee, Molly R.-M. Fowler, Katinka Wyle, Ginny and Dick Lombardi.

I am grateful to each and everyone of these wonderful people and thank you all for your belief in this project. I will continue to add donors to the list in new posts as we complete the funding for the film.


I am absolutely thrilled with the film. It was a tremendous work of art and so personal and true, as only you can do.Thank you from my heart.

Betsy Minkler, fire survivor


Your film was beautifully done! Very moving.

Laura Cottril, photographer

Response: City Club


Thank you for your excellent presentation. It was very well spaced and organized, with pictures that told the story with grace and beauty. The members I spoke to on my way out all seemed very satisfied by the insight and photographic art. I liked the music too! I hope you will create many more movies with interesting subjects.

Claudine Torfs, City Commons Club