Catching up!

Summer is the time to clear the piles of papers off the desk. Although it is very time-consuming, I am trying to succeed and see the surface of the desk.In one stack of correspondence¬† I found a few wonderful responses from friends to the film from last winter! The Marlitts wrote: “Fire Ruin Renewal” is really well done and very touching. It is amazing to recall the extent of the devastation and the high toll paid in structures and lives lost. In another note from Polly Park Coxe, I read that after looking at the film several times, she commented that,” there is so much in the film so deep an experience, that it takes time to think it all over.” In early January 0f this year Tamar Griggs wrote: “Wow! is all I can say! What an incredible, heart-wrenching portrayal of the fire of 1991. I watched it, spell-bound. I cannot imagine the fright of that experience and the devastating destruction.