New Response

First I want to say that I was aghast at the enormity of the firestorm. Visually it came alive in all its terror. You wove the parts together into a complex fabric of journal, voice, film and family histories. The house was breathing through out- not dead, as you said, but sick. The drama was gut wrenching and part of me wonders how you can keep viewing it. But the restoration is the phoenix part that brought healing. How I remember that Frederick really took hold and played a major part. His documentation was so important to this film.

You made an impressive piece, artfully knitting the threads into a collaborative whole. The house was giving back to you even as you restored it. I love that you found documents of its origin as you broke into the walls. I am so proud of you. It must feel so fine to have seen this film/story through to completion.

Anne Bell Robb, Kedron Design

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