May Screening at Smith College Reunion


I have just returned from a very special Class Reunion at Smith College. We had over 100 classmates convene for a weekend over the Memorial Day Holiday. On Friday, I screened my film for the class and led a discussion about disasters and survival. The film has proved to be a metaphor for making the best of a tough situation—and who of us at this age has not had to do that?! I sensed a mellow flavor to our lives now. Many of these women have had to deal with not only an illness, but also the illness of a spouse. Several could not leave a husband overnight to come to the reunion.. I felt humbled by the many stories honestly told in conversations here and there over the several days. We expressed our gratitude for each day and for our solid friendships, so many of them begun in our undergraduate years. I was honored to be asked to share Fire Ruin Renewal at such a significant event with so many friends who knew me from those four years.

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