Kickstarter Campaign goes over the top!

This fall has been consumed by the Kickstarter campaign that we put online in October for a month. It succeeded! We raise more than the goal of $5000 and are thrilled. My endless thanks to the backers of my Kickstarter campaign, who are listed below in this post. Please accept a huge gift of gratitude from me and from all of those who made the film, “Fire Ruin Renewal”, possible. Using email reports and keeping up this blog, I will continue to post information, testimonials and news from the next step: film festivals! Your generous support has given me the energy to move forward with this now. Meanwhile have a wonderful winter holiday celebration. You can be sure that mine is made sweet by your participation in the Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you to Kickstarter Donors: Sharon Ascencio, Amy Beatie, Amy N. Belkora, James E. Boasberg, Melissa Boasberg, Henry Bowles, Richard Burg, Robert Burrill, Jeanine Castillo-Lin, Don Clark, Raines Cohen, Scott Congdon, Laura Cottril, Kathleen DeRose, Nina Diamond, Patricia Ditton, Paul M Dougan, Aaron Dowling, Melissa Dowling, Patricia “Patti” Dowling, Lisa Esherick, Susan Felter, Susan K. Fisher, Jeffrey Fleckenstein, Thomas Friedland, Bronwyn Hall, Vicki Harrison, Terry Hayden, David Hegarty, Jennifer Heller, Olivia Hoblitzelle, Britt Holmen, Hilary Hood, Rick & Leigh Hood, Bud Johns, Chrissy Kaufman, Jeff LaRoche, Victor Landweber, Jason Langer, Phil Lapsley, Mary Ann Lynch, Mary Beth McAuley, Sheri Madden, Charlot Malin, Holley Mead, Joan Mikkelsen, Ogden D Miller, Anne Mitchell, Julia Mitchell, Mary Gene & Ted Myer, Betsy O’Neill, Elizabeth Opalenik, Ortrun Niesar, Jess Parker, Blair Peterson, Elizabeth Pigford, Suzanne Reiss, Doniece Sandoval, Amanda Steiner, Susy Struble, Craig Stuart, Stu Sweetow, Dan & Elizabeth Thornton, Kathryn Thurber-Smith, Paula Van Ness, Seymour Warkov, Ann Wharton, Mark Whitfield, and Lesley E Williams.

You may notice that some of these wonderful people were already donors to the film in the early stages. I am honored that you have been with me on the journey for so long. Thank you.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter site:


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