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“The film is beautifully done. You brought in so much drama. It was wonderful to see the neighbors helping and to learn about the early days of the house through the historical photographs. I did not know how much damage there really was, and how much had to be done to make the restoration so complete.”

Anthony Bruce, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association

“I just finished watching Fire Ruin Renewal and it is a fabulous recount of the Oakland Hill Fire.  It’s so well produced and comes together with great editing, sound, composition, music.  The footage you’ve secured, which I’ve never seen, is excellent and the story of your house and photos are perfect.

I really didn’t realize how hard you were hit and the work that had to be done. One could never tell by the way you home looks now.    Now, you should consider making more films!”

Foster Goldstrom, Chabot Canyon (Bernard Maybeck home owner)

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